All About T111 Exterior Siding

T 111 siding was used to build houses in 1970s and 80s as then they were more affordable than wood sidings. These sidings are not weather proof and in order to protect them from sunlight, heat or water they should be painted. Since T 111 siding is untreated it can be damaged by water, moisture or sunlight, and if this happens they will start to rot and many problems like water seepage in the house will have to be faced.

One type of plywood is t111 which is made when wood supplies and some other materials are mixed together. Examples of T111 plywood siding is T111 wood siding or T111 cedar siding. These boards resemble clapboards but still they are not entirely same. They are more natural looking than aluminum or steel etc. Though T 111 sidings are sometimes not preferred as they are not weather proof however they are efficient for making sheds as they can be set up easily and this is the reason itís used by many home owners.

T 111 siding is made in a way that it resembles the wood sidings. The thin grooves which flow by the side of the length of the board makes it look as if different panels of wood are put together. As mentioned earlier T 111 siding is easy to set up as compared to the other siding materials, thus they can be easily installed with the help of nails.

T 111 siding is of two types. The first type is known as the T111 plywood siding and the other is known as Orientated Strand board (OSB).

T111 Plywood siding is more expensive than the wafer board sidings or orientated strand sidings. They are more similar to natural wood sidings as compared to orientated strand boards (OSB). It appearance is much better comparatively. There are two types of T111 plywood siding which looks just like hardwood sidings, one is hewn and the second is known as Sanded varieties. Orientated strand board or the wafer board sidings are cheaper than the plywood sidings. It is more impervious to moisture as it contains wooden flakes, natural resins etc.

The T 111 siding that is built with plywood can be painted as well as stained as it can easily suck up stain. Many coats of stain will provide suitable treatment and shield. The Oriented strand boards should be painted as staining will not be effective. By painting T 111 siding, it can be protected from sunlight and water.

The maintenance of T 111 siding is very important as it has to be protected against water, sunlight, heat etc so the painting and staining should be kept constant. The T 111 siding is quite strong and have a long life as compared to other sidings. They do not require repeated maintenance as the wood sidings does but it will be preferable to keep them maintained.

When T 111 siding is being installed it should always be painted and stained. Though if proper amount and coats of paint is applied T 111 siding doesnít require frequent painting and the sidings will have a longer life.

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