T-111 Buying Made easy

For those people who love to work with wood, T 111 plywood siding is a sure way of construction with wood as it can prevent draught and moisture damage. You can install this plywood siding in your garage or any extension of your home and save yourself a lot of time and effort in maintenance of the wood. This siding has also been used for a long time for the making of homes, although it is more expensive to do so now. This is a type of siding that was most famous in the last two decades and with time, people are going back to the natural low maintenance look of T 111 plywood siding. Even as it has been replaced by a couple of other materials like metals, there is still a certain kind of loyalty to this siding which has ensured its survival over the years. T 111 plywood siding is not used as much these days and it is more expensive due to the fact that wood is becoming more expensive but if you want something that will last long and will have the natural look, this plywood siding is the one to have.

Once you have decided to choose T 111 plywood siding, over other kinds of materials you will have chosen the better of two types of plywood siding, with the other alternative being the OSB (oriented standard board). OSB is cheaper but inferior in quality to T 111 plywood siding. Although it is more expensive, T 111 plywood siding is more durable and requires little maintenance compared to its OSB counterpart.

T111 siding has the advantage of being more flexible, in that it can be painted and really does well when it is stained. Incase you want to change the look of your siding after staying with it for some time, you will be better off with T 111 plywood siding. The OSB has the downside that it cannot withstand long-term exposure to moisture and is more susceptible to water damage than T111 siding.

This plywood siding requires less maintenance but this does not give you the carte-blanche to neglect it. It requires less maintenance relative to OSB, and not compared to other kinds of woods. You will need a lot of maintenance routines for you to get the best out of your T 111 plywood siding. You will need to re-stain it every now and then to prevent it from being destroyed by the elements. This will not only keep it in good shape, but will also add more life to it. Installing it well is the best insurance against water damage, which all types of wood are susceptible to with time. This means too that you will need to hire a professional to install the T 111 plywood siding. It is best for the plywood siding to be installed vertically as opposed to horizontally as this will prevent the leaks from causing damage to your siding. You should maintain it by painting it and ensuring that the quality of plywood is good so that it is not damaged by water.

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